Updated: Jul 8, 2018

The Creation of Lucky

Several years ago Amon Carter III approached me with the idea of creating illustrations for a children’s book. Mr. Carter has been a client of mine for over 30 years, and has collected some of my finest work. Mr. Carter was truly inspired by a European Starling he rescued and raised. The experience was so enlightening that he wrote a poem about his feathered friend.

We met and he shared videos and photographs and stories about “Lucky”. Always ready for a challenge, I accepted, and went to work creating the character of “Lucky”. it was a great challenge, because I primarily work as an independent, experimental multimedia artist. Cartooning and graphic design is not my specialty.

I did a variety of sketches from the photographs and little by little, Lucky was tweaked into existence. I have referenced my favorite cartoon figures, like Bugs Bunny and Superman, and I studied art of Chuck Jones one of my favorite cartoon artist.

The first Lucky sketches emerged, following the poem Mr. Carter gave me. I imagined what a child's’ mind would be intrigued with. As a mother of three sons, I read countless children’s books every night, so this informed the imaginative qualities a great children’s book would contain.

I worked day and night for six months under an intense deadline. Creating four different variations of the book, then mailing them to Mr. Carter as they were completed. During the final stages of refining the drawings, they were whisked away from me into publishing land.

It is exciting to see the completion of this project, and I hope Lucky gives inspiration to children and adults around the world. It is the act of helping living beings, animal and/or human that will change the world.

Maye Torres

Multi Media Artist

Taos,New Mexico